"Morris handled the role of Don Alfonso with a light hand, avoiding any sense of bitterness and treating the whole scheme of duping the men's finacees as a mischievous lark. Morris' darker baritone handled the role easily, sounding natural in both aria and recitative."
~ Kelly Snyder, Concertonet.com
"Particularly outstanding was the bass, Michael Morris, a veteran of seventeen previous leading (and usually villainous) roles at West Bay."
~ Mort Levine, Milpitas Post
"Morris' Mephistopheles was a...malevolent demon. He clearly had a great deal of fun exercising his powers over not just Faust, but most of the cast."
~ Kelly Snyder, Concertonet.com
"Morris is a hoot, amped-up to the point of near bursting and ever ready to pull a quick ruse...His entrance in Act I added a real spark to the show's pacing and his robust baritone voice brought vibrancy to the musical product."
~ Philip Collins, The Metro

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